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Minnesota Redemption Rights

real estate professional with extensive experience in foreclosure

Do To The Sensitivity Of The Situation, Homeowners Would Usually Rather Doing Nothing For The Duration Of Their Foreclosure Than Have To Talk About Their Situation With Someone

This Usually Leads To Homes Being Lost In Foreclosure Or The Homeowners Selling Their Deed For A Few Hundred Dollars To Investors Instead Of Getting Their Home's Equity

Minnesota Redemption Rights Needed To Have A Safe Way For The Homeowners To Learn More And Know What Their Best Options Are

A Website Was Created As A Safe Way For Homeowners To Learn About Their Options And Get In Touch

The Website Was Designed Around What Homeowners In Foreclosure Are Talking About And Then Connected To The Advantage Of Working With Minnesota Redemption Rights

Touch Points Were Built-In Through Testimonials And External Links To Reviews From Third-Party Websites

Now Familiarity And Trust Can Be Developed Through The Website Before A One-On-One Meeting Is Scheduled

The Process Is Simply Directing Homeowners In Foreclosure To The Website And Have The Website Do The Heavy Lifting

Search Engine Optimization Is Also A Future Advantage As More Contents Are Being Added Onto The Website For Educational Purposes

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the sophisticated men

consultants for men who have to wear suits everyday

the sophisticated men is a group of stylists with the goal of consulting men whose profession requires them to dress professionally everyday

they generate leads through emails gathered at business conventions but the prospects usually want more information before handing out their email

after the initial meeting, a lead generation style website was created to acquire emails from the right prospects

the website is design to make it easy for prospects to identify with the niche and see if it is a service they should invest in

the one-pager is now a part of the marketing process

the sophisticated men simply directs their prospects to the website and gather email leads for one-on-one meetings

this help alleviate chasing down the wrong prospects and maximized the time infront of the right clients

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one page business website

stress free events

setup professionals for special events

stress free events was a family owned and operated business for over 15 years

the original owners never used any brand names or media to get their service noticed

when the business was pass onto the children, they wanted to create a brand out of it and rely on more than Referrals to get clients

after diving deep into their business model and goals, we concluded that a one-pager business website will be the best option until more contents are ready

this is the first time information and processes had to be extracted from the business owners and visualized onto paper

future contents will be added base on the guidelines created from these extractions

stress free events uses their business website to do the heavy lifting of providing Information and setting appointments

the website is going to evolve from a one-pager to a full website once more contents are ready

the goal is to connect with social media platforms to provide real life story telling of how client's lives are impacted by being removed from the setup and breakdown of their events

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